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Is it essential to undertake periodic ENT check up?

The main reason of ENT related mortality is that the diseases remain invisibile, asymptomatic till advanced stage. Moreover with increase in alcoholism,smoking, pollution and environmental carcinogens, ENT cancers are becoming more common where early detection increases the chance of survival by many folds. Hence It is always advisable that you take up preventive ENT check up just like your blood profile and PSA/PAP and CXR.

Can a congenital deaf & dumb get a working ear and communicate?

By present advancement in technology, we can perform Cochlear implant provided certain other criteria are met. The child can gradually learn to listen and communicate to lead a near normal life. But it should be best done before 2 years of age

Why Childhood screening essential for every children?

We can detect cause of hearing problems or speech disorders and earlier these are detected and solved,more rewarding the end result. As with time our sense organs and brain gets used to with the faulty ongoing mechanics and the delay in detection is the primary reason of poor outcome of treatment.

Child is performing poorly in school. Can be related to ENT?

Of course, if the child is having some hearing hardness or low IQ consequent to enlarged adenoid and tonsils. Also repeated throat and ear infections can make a child lethargic and inattentive to any particular activity requiring certain degree of mental application.

Is snoring harmful to our body?

Yes. Snorers are seen to have less oxygenated while sleeping therefore leading to more prevalence of cardiopulmonary diseases,  CVA and IHD than their non snorers peers. Also there is more day time sleepiness which can give rise to indirect negative consequences.

Does cancer spread by taking biopsy?

No direct evidence for this statement is available till date. But while taking biopsy the superficial skin sometimes may be seeded with malignant cells. But this probability is always kept in mind while planning biopsy and further surgical removal of the tissue

Is tonsillectomy harmful for future?

Tonsillectomy is only done when it causes more harm than good to the body. But no study till date revealed that removing tonsils affects the immunity of a child in a negative way.

What is Glue ear?

It is a condition where seromucinous material is collected behind eardrum resulting in ear pain and hearing difficulty. Usually subsided by medication but If recurrent, minor procedures may be needed.

What is Stepedotomy?

Done when sound transmission system has been hardened leading to an immobile ossicular system. The disease is called otosclerosis and with modern techniques of operation the chance of normal hearing is higher than 90%.

What is Ossiculoplasty?

It is done when the disese has engulfed one or more of the middle ear bones required for transmission of sound from outside to the reciving cochlea. The bone is crafted and realigned in a mechanically frienfly way. Or a prosthesis may be applied in the ear so as to replace the function of destroyed bone.

What is Mastoidectomy ?

This operation is generally done to cure more severe form of chronic otitis media where the disease has spread onto the adjuscent bone rendering the ear a life threatening organ. This requires urgent treatment by Surgery.The bone is debrided out to remove the disease completely from the involved ear. Tympanoplasty may or may not be be clubbed with this proccedure depending on other factors.

What is stichless Tympanoplasty?

The procedure is performed without any visible cut mark outside the ear. It is very improved technique with faster recovery and very less post operative morbidity.Patient may be discharged few hours after the procedure with consequential lesser spending on hospital stay. Obviously this is cosmetically very attractive.

What is Tympanoplasty?

This is operation to cure discharging ear due to chronic otitis media with eardrum perforation. There are several varities of tympanoplasties and according to the defect present in ear the surgeon decides which type is the most suitable for the index patient. For last many years we have been giving 100% success rate with our modern technique